What is another word for 15 minutes?

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[ fˈɪftiːn mˈɪnɪts], [ fˈɪftiːn mˈɪnɪts], [ f_ˈɪ_f_t_iː_n m_ˈɪ_n_ɪ_t_s]

There are many different ways to refer to a period of 15 minutes. Some common synonyms for this length of time include a quarter of an hour, a fourth of an hour, a quarter-hour, or 15 ticks of the clock. Other informal ways to express this time frame include a quarter, a quarter-past, or simply fifteen. In some contexts, numerical shorthand such as "15 mins" or "15' " may also be used. Regardless of the specific phrasing, all of these terms refer to a limited but significant window of time that can be used effectively for a range of different purposes.

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