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Afghans are an ethnic group native to Afghanistan, but the term "Afghans" can also refer to the traditional blanket or throw that is popular globally. However, depending on the context in which the word is used, there are several alternative names that can be used. "Pashtuns" is often used to refer to the largest ethnic group of Afghanistan, while "Kuchi" is used to describe a nomadic Pashtun subgroup. "Tajiks" is used to describe the second-largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, and "Hazara" describes a minority ethnic group. In terms of the popular blanket, synonyms include "throw," "blanket," and "wrap".

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Afghans, also called Pashtuns, are an Indo-European people who speak the Pashto language. There are approximately 30 million Afghans in the world, with the largest concentration in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. The name Afghans is derived from the ancient name of the Pashtuns, the Parthians. Their history can be traced back to the period between the 2nd century BC to the 8th century AD. The earliest recorded mention of Afghans is in the lyric of a 7th-century AD poet named Biruni.

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