What is another word for citizens?

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Citizens are those individuals who possess legal and social rights within a particular country. There are numerous synonyms for citizens such as denizens, inhabitants, residents, and nationals. Denizens refer to individuals who reside in a particular location without being citizens of that country. Inhabitants are used to describe people who live in a specific place or area. Residents refer to individuals who live in a particular city or town. Nationals represent individuals who are citizens of a specific country. These synonyms are frequently used in news articles, government documents, and academic papers. Understanding the synonyms for citizens can help to improve the clarity and precision of written and spoken communication.

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How to use "Citizens" in context?

There are certain rights and responsibilities that come with being a citizen in a country. Being a citizen means having a legal right to live and work in a country, as well as the responsibility to abide by the country's laws.

Some of the most important rights and responsibilities of being a citizen include voting, being part of a civil society, and serving in the military. Voting is a cornerstone of democracy and helps determine who will run the country. Being part of a civil society allows for citizens to discuss and debate important issues, and can influence public policy. Serving in the military is an essential part of keeping a country safe and upholding its laws.

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