What is another word for alcaptonuria?

Pronunciation: [ˌalkɐptənjˈʊɹi͡ə] (IPA)

Alcaptonuria is a rare metabolic disorder that can cause urine to turn dark when exposed to air. Synonyms for alcaptonuria include "ochronosis," "homogentisic aciduria," and "black urine disease." Ochronosis refers to the pigmentation that can occur when homogentisic acid builds up in the body, leading to a darkening of tissues and joints. Homogentisic aciduria is a term for the specific genetic defect that causes alcaptonuria. Black urine disease is used to describe the darkened urine that can result from this condition. While alcaptonuria is a rare condition, understanding these synonyms can help patients and healthcare providers discuss the disorder and its management more easily.

Synonyms for Alcaptonuria:

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