What is another word for alkaptonuria?

Pronunciation: [ˌalkɐptənjˈʊɹi͡ə] (IPA)

Alkaptonuria is a rare genetic disease characterized by the accumulation of homogentisic acid in the body, leading to a condition known for the darkening of urine and increased risk of joint and heart conditions. Synonyms for alkaptonuria may include homogentisic aciduria, ochronosis, and black urine disease. Alkaptonuria is an autosomal recessive trait caused by the deficiency of the enzyme homogentisic acid oxidase, leading to the buildup of homogentisic acid in joint cartilage and skin tissue. Treatment for alkaptonuria mainly involves managing symptoms through medications and lifestyle changes. Understanding synonyms for alkaptonuria can aid in communication and increasing awareness about this rare genetic disorder.

Synonyms for Alkaptonuria:

What are the hypernyms for Alkaptonuria?

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