What is another word for anseriformes?

Pronunciation: [ˈansəɹˌɪfɔːmz] (IPA)

Anseriformes is a scientific classification for a group of water birds commonly known as waterfowls. They are characterized by their webbed feet, broad bills and ability to swim. Some synonyms for Anseriformes include Anatidae, which refers to the family of ducks, geese and swans. Other synonyms are anseriforms and anatiformes, both of these refer to the order of birds that belongs to Anseriformes. Another synonym is palmipedes, which is a French word that means web-footed or paddle-footed. In summary, these synonyms are different terms used to describe the same group of water birds.

Synonyms for Anseriformes:

What are the hypernyms for Anseriformes?

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