What is another word for Automobiles?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔːtəməbˌi͡əlz] (IPA)

Automobiles, also known as cars or vehicles, are a common mode of transportation. Synonyms for automobiles include automobiles, cars, vehicles, motor vehicles, machines, rides, and transportation. Cars also come in different types such as sedan, coupe, SUV, truck, or van. Each of these types varies in size, functionality, and purpose. Some other synonyms for cars include automobiles, wagons, motorcars, automobiles, motorcars, and autos. No matter what you call them, cars play an essential role in our daily lives and are essential for commuting, transportation of goods, and leisure activities such as road trips.

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What are the hypernyms for Automobiles?

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Usage examples for Automobiles

The rest of the conversation that morning was about Automobiles, and when they parted it was with a definite assurance on his part that Edwin would be on hand the next morning with a motor car suitably equipped for her use.
"The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories"
Charles Weathers Bump
Mr. Dainopoulos lit a cigarette and as he trod carefully on the smoking match murmured his conviction that the ladies, whom a friend of his had seen land at Venizelos Steps, entered Automobiles, and might not be found at the Omphale for some time.
William McFee
Women, in her experience, were like expensive Automobiles.
William McFee

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