What is another word for rafts?

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Rafts are commonly used for water transportation and are known by various names. Floating platforms, flatboats, pontoons, barge, and scows are all synonyms for rafts. These interchangeable terms describe different types of watercraft designs that serve distinct purposes. Flatboats have a flat surface that enables transportation of goods, while pontoons are vessels with buoyancy floatation devices. Barges are vessels used for carrying heavy goods, while scows are flat-bottomed boats for carrying materials and waste. Regardless of the name, rafts play various roles in transportation and cargo delivery. The use of such synonyms is important in understanding how different rafts serve different purposes.

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    Rafting is a primitive form of rafting using logs, either naturallyatu shaped or purposely made. The word 'raft', comes from Middle Dutch raaf, meaning "a type of ship propelled by oars." rafts were used for transport by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The first recorded use of rafts as transport was in 512 BC. Rafting became widespread in Europe in the 18th century, when the first canals were being built. Today, rafting is enjoyed around the world, especially on rivers and in lakes.

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