What is another word for bandicoots?

Pronunciation: [bˈandɪkˌuːts] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the word bandicoots, which are small, nocturnal, insect-eating marsupials native to Australia and nearby islands. Some alternative names for bandicoots include bilbies, quendas, and rabbit-bandicoots. Bilbies are a type of bandicoot with long ears and a long snout, while quendas are smaller bandicoots with a more rounded snout. Rabbit-bandicoots, as their name suggests, have a rabbit-like appearance but are still considered a type of bandicoot. Other less common synonyms for bandicoots include banded anteaters, marsupial rats, and native rats. All of these animals are important members of Australia's unique ecosystem and play a crucial role in maintaining balance within their habitats.

Synonyms for Bandicoots:

What are the hypernyms for Bandicoots?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Bandicoots

For what with low puddin'-thieves disguising themselves as firemen, and low Wombats sneakin' our Puddin' while we're helpin' to put out fires, not to speak of all the worry and bother of tryin' to get information out of parrots and bandicoots an' hedgehogs, why, it's enough to make a man suspect his own grandfather of bein' a puddin'-snatcher.
"The Magic Pudding"
Norman Lindsay
Great girls like you-fightin' like bandicoots!
"The Getting of Wisdom"
Henry Handel Richardson
I have been told that there are places in the more crowded portion rendered perfectly impassable at night in consequence of the effluvia arising from the immense quantities of musk rats, which, together with the common sort, and bandicoots of an incredible size, abound, the narrow close lanes being apparently built for the purpose of affording accommodation to vermin of every description.
"Notes of an Overland Journey Through France and Egypt to Bombay"
Miss Emma Roberts

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