What is another word for banksia?

Pronunciation: [bˈaŋksi͡ə] (IPA)

Banksia is a common name of a genus of plants native to Australia. These plants are known for their unique flowers that resemble cones or brushes. There are several synonyms for the word banksia, including honeysuckle, waratah, and bottlebrush. The term honeysuckle comes from the sweet nectar produced by the flowers, while waratah is derived from the Aboriginal word for beautiful. Bottlebrush, on the other hand, refers to the cylindrical shape of the flower spikes. Other common synonyms for banksia include Protea, Grevillea, and Leucadendron. No matter what you call them, these plants are beloved for their striking appearance and importance to Australian ecosystems.

Synonyms for Banksia:

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Usage examples for Banksia

You might just as well cut it down at the roots and plant another double banksia.
Kathleen Norris
At half-past eight she came out into the garden, to find her father somewhat ruefully studying the tumbled ruins of the yellow banksia rose.
Kathleen Norris
Peter, somewhat appalled, in the sunny garden, struggling with the banksia, decided that this was not much to know of a person who might have the audacity to fall in love with an exquisite and innocent Cherry.
Kathleen Norris

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