What is another word for Bankrupting?

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Bankrupting refers to a financial state of insolvency, where an individual or organization is unable to pay debts and liabilities. There are several synonyms for bankrupting, including impoverishing, beggaring, ruining, financially crippling, and depleting. Impoverishing refers to the state of being in poverty and lacking financial resources, while beggaring refers to the act of reducing someone to poverty or destitution. Ruining implies the complete destruction of one's financial means, while financially crippling means causing severe financial hardship. Finally, depleting refers to the gradual reduction of one's financial resources to the point of insolvency. These words can be used interchangeably with bankrupting, depending on the context.

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    The word "bankrupting" signifies a state of financial insolvency or a deprivation of resources. Its antonyms include enriching, thriving, flourishing, prospering, and thriving. To enrich means to improve or increase wealth, whereas to thrive means to grow and develop successfully. When something is prosperous, it is characterized by economic success and a stable financial background. Flourishing is another synonym that denotes the same meaning, i.e., to grow abundantly and flourish. In contrast, bankrupting refers to economic failure and depletion of resources, often leading to hardship and turmoil. Therefore, the opposite of bankrupting is a state of financial stability and growth where one's resources and investments increase, rather than diminish.

    Usage examples for Bankrupting

    Paying postage on daily letters to Canada is swiftly Bankrupting me; then, too, it is a long time since I had a square meal.
    "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions"
    Slason Thompson
    "And, then, there is the great and statesmanlike movement for the conservation of our national resources, into which Roosevelt so energetically threw himself at a time when the nation as a whole knew not that we are ruining and Bankrupting ourselves as fast as we can.
    "The Attempted Assassination of ex-President Theodore Roosevelt"
    Oliver Remey Henry Cochems Wheeler Bloodgood
    For a consideration paid to them they have assisted in Bankrupting their states, and reducing the people who trusted and honored them to a state of servitude, scarcely less oppressive than the old system of African slavery.
    "Monopolies and the People"
    D. C. Cloud

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