What is another word for be above-board?

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[ biː əbˌʌvbˈɔːd], [ biː əbˌʌvbˈɔːd], [ b_iː_ ə_b_ˌʌ_v_b_ˈɔː_d]

"Be above-board" is an idiomatic expression that refers to being honest, transparent, and straightforward in one's dealings and actions. It is a phrase that denotes integrity and trustworthiness. Synonyms for "be above-board" include "be forthright," "be candid," "be sincere," "be truthful," "be upfront," "be reliable," "be honorable," and "be trustworthy." These words convey similar meanings and suggest a sense of moral principle, ethics, and professionalism. By using these synonyms, a person can underscore their commitment to honesty and establish a reputation for integrity and transparency in both personal and professional relationships.

How to use "Be above-board" in context?

Since business is always evolving, it's important to stay ahead of the curve. One way to do this is to be "above-board." Being above-board means not deceiving others orbending the rules in order to gain an edge. It's important to have a fair, open, and honest business dealings with your clients, colleagues, and competitors.

It's also important to keep records. Having accurate, up-to-date records will help you avoid any litigation issues. Plus, it will make your business run more smoothly. And last but not least, stay ethically sound.

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