What is another word for flat?

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[ flˈat], [ flˈat], [ f_l_ˈa_t]

Synonyms for Flat:

categorical (adjective) continuous (adjective) dull (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) flat (adjective) insensitive (adjective) low (adjective) non-resonant (adjective) smooth (adjective) tasteless (adjective) unimaginative (adjective) apartment (noun) apartment house (noun) apartments (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) room (noun) dull eastern poison oak flatly Other synonyms: shallow smooth

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Rhymes for Flat:

  1. bat, matt, dat, tat, gatt, pat, rat, chat, gat, hat, gnat, spat, matte, brat, cat, scat, fat, at, lat, that, sat, platte, vat, slat, mat;
  2. sadat, nonfat, at-bat, combat;
  3. rat-a-tat, gujarat;

Quotes for Flat:

  1. I started performing at two or three on a tape recorder, one of those little flat recorders where you just push play and record. Erykah Badu.
  2. A cricket ground is a flat piece of earth with some buildings around it. Richie Benaud.
  3. I am pleased to be considered a 'denier' in this cause if this puts me in the class with those who defied prevailing 'scientific consensus' that the earth was flat and that the earth was the not the center of the universe. William Lyons.

Idioms of Flat:

  1. fall flat ( on your face);
  2. fall flat
  3. and that's flat!