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Flush is a versatile word that has multiple meanings and synonyms. It can be used to describe blushing, the act of getting rid of something by flushing it down the toilet and the action of cleaning or washing. Synonyms for flush include bright, ruddy, crimson, pink, embarrassed, dispose, eliminate, and eradicate. Additionally, flush can also be used to describe a state of abundance or plenty- synonyms in this context would include replete, plentiful, and teeming. Overall, flush is an adaptable word with numerous meanings and synonyms that make it an essential part of the English language.

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How to use "Flush" in context?

Flush is the process of washing liquid wastes and other solids down a toilet without stopping to add water. The term comes from the old practice of flushing toilets with water repeatedly until the waste went down the sewer.

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