What is another word for flush?

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[ flˈʌʃ], [ flˈʌʃ], [ f_l_ˈʌ_ʃ]

Synonyms for Flush:

eastern poison oak (adjective) flat (adjective) wealthy (adjective) eastern poison oak (noun) pass (verb) redden (verb) color eastern poison oak heat Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Flush:

  1. blush, gush, thrush, crush, lush, rush, brush, hush, slush, mush, plush;

Quotes for Flush:

  1. Indeed in the full flush of journalistic passion and conviction I once told an interviewer that of course I would never get married. And I most definitely would never have children. Christiane Amanpour.
  2. I didn't go to high school. I think that after you learn to read and write and do your numbers and flush the toilet behind yourself, you don't need no more schoolin'. You need to get out in the water and swim. Wilford Brimley.
  3. You can flush my ashes down the toilet, for all I care. Carolyn Gold Heilbrun.

Idioms of Flush:

  1. flush sth out;
  2. flush out sb/ sth;
  3. flush away;