What is another word for Branwen?

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[ bɹˈanwən], [ bɹˈanwən], [ b_ɹ_ˈa_n_w_ə_n]

Branwen is a name of Welsh origin that is often associated with the Celtic goddess of love and beauty. Although Branwen is a unique and beautiful name, some parents may prefer to give their child a name with similar meaning or sound. Some potential synonyms for Branwen include Briar, which means "thorny thicket" and is a nod to nature and the outdoors. Another option is Bronwyn, which is a Welsh name that means "white-breasted" and is a play on the theme of beauty. For those who appreciate the sound of Branwen, but want something more unique, Breena or Braelynn could be a great alternative.

Related words: Branwen goddess, Branwen daughter of Llyr, Branwen sister of Efnysien, Branwen wife of Matholwch, Branwen daughter of Penarddun, Branwen sister of Eirianwen and Hafgan, Branwen sister of Caswallawn

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