What is another word for brasenia?

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[ bɹe͡ɪsˈiːni͡ə], [ bɹe‍ɪsˈiːni‍ə], [ b_ɹ_eɪ_s_ˈiː_n_iə]

Brasenia, also commonly known as water shield, is an aquatic plant that is native to North America and is often found growing in shallow waters. Other synonyms for brasenia include the common names of water target and fringed water lily, which both refer to its distinctive round leaves with scalloped edges that float on the water's surface. Its scientific name, Brasenia schreberi, is a nod to its discoverer, Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber, a German naturalist who first observed and named the plant in the 18th century. Regardless of what name is used, brasenia is a beautiful and important part of its ecosystem, providing essential habitat and food for aquatic animals.

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