What is another word for briquettes?

Pronunciation: [bɹɪkˈɛts] (IPA)

Briquettes refer to compressed blocks of coal dust or other bio-mass materials used as fuel for combustion. However, there are several other terms used as synonyms for Briquettes, such as Pressed fuel, Compressed fuel, Heat logs, and Charcoal briquettes. Additionally, terms such as Coal briquettes, Sawdust briquettes, and Char briquettes are also common. These synonyms are used interchangeably, depending on the type of compressed block fuel used and the region. While the term Briquettes is most commonly associated with coal and barbecue fuels, it is essential to consider each synonym's applications considering its unique features and origin.

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Usage examples for Briquettes

Each machine made these briquettes at the rate of sixty per minute, and dropped them into bucket conveyors by which they were carried into drying furnaces, through which they made five loops, and were then delivered to cross-conveyors which carried them into the stock-house.
"Edison, His Life and Inventions"
Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
At the end of this process the briquettes were so hard that they would not break or crumble in loading on the cars or in transportation by rail, while they were so porous as to be capable of absorbing 26 per cent.
"Edison, His Life and Inventions"
Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
He succeeded in what he had set out to do, and it is now to be noted that the product he had striven so sedulously to obtain was a highly commercial one, for not only did the briquettes of concentrated ore fulfil the purpose of their creation, but in use actually tended to increase the working capacity of the furnace, as the following test, quoted from the Iron Age, October 28, 1897, will attest: "The only trial of any magnitude of the briquettes in the blast-furnace was carried through early this year at the Crane Iron Works, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, by Leonard Peckitt.
"Edison, His Life and Inventions"
Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin

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