What is another word for charcoal?

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[ tʃ_ˈɑː_k_əʊ_l], [ t͡ʃˈɑːkə͡ʊl], [ t‍ʃˈɑːkə‍ʊl]

Synonyms for Charcoal:

black (adjective) drawing (noun) fuel (noun) Other synonyms:

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Quotes for Charcoal:

  1. The sand stones had fragments of charcoal on some surfaces but found no recognisable fossils. George Mercer Dawson.
  2. Not only is New York City the nation's melting pot, it is also the casserole, the chafing dish and the charcoal grill. John Lindsay.
  3. The wonderful world of home appliances now makes it possible to cook indoors with charcoal and outdoors with gas. Bill Vaughan.

Adjectives for Charcoal:

  • common.