What is another word for British Commonwealth?

Pronunciation: [bɹˈɪtɪʃ kˈɒmənwˌɛlθ] (IPA)

The British Commonwealth refers to a group of 54 countries, mainly former British colonies or territories, that share historical ties with the United Kingdom. However, there are several synonyms that are sometimes used interchangeably with the term British Commonwealth, such as the Commonwealth of Nations or simply the Commonwealth. Other terms may be used to refer specifically to certain subsets or regions within the British Commonwealth, such as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) or the Pacific Islands Forum. Regardless of the exact terminology used, the British Commonwealth represents a diverse and complex network of nations that are united by a shared past and a commitment to cooperation and mutual benefit.

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Famous quotes with British commonwealth

  • Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Commonwealth and the Empire last for a thousand years, men will still say, This was their finest hour.
    Winston Churchill
  • In spite of vast numbers of people and the different races involved and the great distances separating the various parts, the British Commonwealth is functioning sufficiently well to offer hope for effective international agencies.
    Kirby Page

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