What is another word for commonwealth?

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Commonwealth refers to a group of people or nations that share a common interest or goal. There are synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably. The term "union" suggests a grouping of various entities, often with shared sovereignty. "Federation" presumes a looser arrangement of states or territories that have granted some of their authority to a central government. "Confederation" is a word used to describe a loose coalition of states that go back to the American Revolution-era. "Alliance" suggests a grouping of countries or organizations for a specific context. "League", "coalition", and "association" are other synonyms that mean a grouping of people and entities that have come together.

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    The term "commonwealth" can have many different meanings and is used in different ways. In general, a "Commonwealth" is a political entity in which the government is operated on a representative basis. This means that the citizens, through their elected representatives, have a say in the government activities of the commonwealth. In a parliamentary system, the heads of government are usually members of the lower house of the parliament, called the House of Commons, whereas the head of state is usually a member of the upper house, called the House of Lords. In a presidential system, the head of government is usually a single person.

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