What is another word for federation?

Pronunciation: [fˌɛdəɹˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

A federation refers to an alliance of independent states or groups who agree to a certain central authority for a specific purpose. Synonyms for federation include union, confederation, league, alliance, association, coalition, partnership, consortium, and federation of states. A union typically refers to a group with similar interests working together, while a confederation refers to a looser alliance of states. A league is a group of teams or organizations working together toward a common goal. An alliance is a pact or bond between two parties, while an association is a group of people or organizations united for a specific reason. A coalition is an alliance for a political purpose, while a partnership is a collaborative effort between two or more parties. A consortium is a group of organizations forming an entity to achieve a common goal.

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The word "federation" refers to a union or association of states or organizations that work together for a common cause. Antonyms for federation could include words like isolation, disunion, separation, and disconnection. These words suggest a lack of unity or coordination, where groups or individuals are working independently or at odds with one another. Some other antonyms for federation might include words like dissolution, disintegration, fragmentation, and divergence. Each of these words implies a breakdown in communication or cooperation, resulting in a loss of shared goals or objectives. In contrast, a federation promotes collaboration and synergy, encouraging diverse perspectives and strengths to come together for the greater good.

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Usage examples for Federation

In 1883 it formed a working alliance with the Italian Democratic Society-an active working-class body of which Costa was a leading member; and in 1884 it entered into an incorporating union with another working-class body, the Lombardy Labour federation, which had a large number of local branches.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
The old Jurassian federation of the International, still continues to exist in French-speaking Switzerland, and to bear witness for the extremest kind of anarchist communism-no force or authority whatever, and a collective consumption of products as well as a collective production; but this body is not increasing, and though Guesde, the French socialist, made a lecturing tour through that division of Switzerland in 1885, he had quite as little success for his branch of the revolutionary cause.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
In 1883 the Democratic federation, which had been established two years before to promote measures of Radical reform, including, among other things, the nationalization of the land, adopted the socialistic principles of Karl Marx, and changed its name to the Social Democratic federation.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

Famous quotes with Federation

  • My party is committed to a federation.
    Mangosuthu Buthelezi
  • Otherwise we get off the track and we do not fulfil the historical role which we want to fulfil: to help the masses, the exploited and the oppressed of the world, build a classless society, a world socialist federation.
    Ernest Mandel
  • I stopped this one about two months before federation and I want the next one to be more political. It will deal with the formation of white Australian policy and things like that.
    Colleen McCullough
  • I do feel that federation, loose parallel processes, are less than we've got, less than we could have and, in the very long run, less than what God wants in the Church.
    Rowan Williams
  • The birth of a nation called for many fathers, none of whom could be pre-eminent, and when Parkes died the federation was only a balloon floating beckoningly in the air.
    Geoffrey Blainey

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