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A federation refers to an alliance of independent states or groups who agree to a certain central authority for a specific purpose. Synonyms for federation include union, confederation, league, alliance, association, coalition, partnership, consortium, and federation of states. A union typically refers to a group with similar interests working together, while a confederation refers to a looser alliance of states. A league is a group of teams or organizations working together toward a common goal. An alliance is a pact or bond between two parties, while an association is a group of people or organizations united for a specific reason. A coalition is an alliance for a political purpose, while a partnership is a collaborative effort between two or more parties. A consortium is a group of organizations forming an entity to achieve a common goal.

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How to use "Federation" in context?

A federation is a type of political organization where several states join together to form a single, larger political entity. The term can also refer to a type of organization where companies, schools, or other groups collaborate to achieve a common goal. A federation is often thought of as a type of union, where the states share a common interest.

A federation can be a strong political entity. For example, the United States is a federation made up of several states. Each state has its own government, but the United States as a whole has a single, national government.

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