What is another word for buffalo carpet beetle?

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[ bˈʌfəlˌə͡ʊ kˈɑːpɪt bˈiːtə͡l], [ bˈʌfəlˌə‍ʊ kˈɑːpɪt bˈiːtə‍l], [ b_ˈʌ_f_ə_l_ˌəʊ k_ˈɑː_p_ɪ_t b_ˈiː_t_əl]

The Buffalo carpet beetle, otherwise known as the black carpet beetle, is a common household pest that feeds on natural fibers like wool and silk. It can be difficult to get rid of, and often requires professional extermination services. However, there are some synonyms for this pesky beetle. These include the furniture carpet beetle, varied carpet beetle, and the common carpet beetle. These beetles may differ slightly in appearance, but they all share the same destructive habits and can be just as difficult to control. Whether you call them Buffalo carpet beetles or any of their synonyms, it's important to take steps to prevent and eliminate them from your home.

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How to use "Buffalo carpet beetle" in context?

Buffalo carpet beetle is a small, brown beetle that lives in colonies in the United States. These colonies can be found in homes and other buildings. The beetles feed on the carpeting, leaving behind a brown residue.

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