What is another word for by oneself?

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[ ba͡ɪ wɒnsˈɛlf], [ ba‍ɪ wɒnsˈɛlf], [ b_aɪ w_ɒ_n_s_ˈɛ_l_f]

When we say "by oneself", we often refer to an action done alone and without any help or company. However, there are plenty of synonyms that can be used to describe this state. Words such as solitary, singular, independent, self-made, self-sufficient, and lone are some examples. Additionally, phrases like "on one's own", "single-handedly", "solo", and "by your lonesome" can also be used to describe the act of doing something alone. These synonyms are perfect for expressing one's independence or self-reliance in situations where it is necessary to do things alone.

Synonyms for By oneself:

How to use "By oneself" in context?

When you are "by yourself" there is a certain feeling of emptiness. You are the only person in the world and all that exists is you. It can be a liberating experience or a scary one, depending on how you approach it. Alternatively, you may feel compelled to fill the empty space with noise, thoughts, or activities. Either way, by yourself allows self-discovery and the opportunity for growth.

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