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The term "independent" refers to an individual who is self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-governing. Some synonyms for this concept include autonomous, self-sustaining, self-supporting, self-determining, and self-contained. Other related terms include unaided, self-sufficient, free, and sovereign. Individuals who are independent are often seen as strong-willed, capable, and resourceful, able to succeed without the need for external assistance. Independence is highly valued in many cultures across the world, and is often seen as a cornerstone of individual freedom and personal achievement. In the workplace, independent individuals are often highly sought after for their ability to work independently and achieve results without close supervision.

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How to use "Independent" in context?

Being independent can mean many things to many people. For some, it means working on their own, making their own decisions, and taking care of their own affairs. For others, it means being self-sufficient, living within their means, and relying on their own skills and resources. It can also mean surrounding themselves with people who share their values and beliefs, and who support their independence.

Whatever the definition of independence, it is an important quality to maintain in life. It can give people the freedom to be who they are, do what they want, and responsibility for their ownactions.

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