What is another word for close?

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[ klˈə͡ʊs], [ klˈə‍ʊs], [ k_l_ˈəʊ_s]

Synonyms for Close:

friendly (adjective) near (adjective) similar (adjective) end (noun) approach (verb) cease (verb) close (verb) complete (verb) end (verb) plug (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Close:

  1. grows, pose, flows, boasts, prose, shows, bose, rose, pros, dos, bowse, chose, foes, rows, knows, hose, sews, clothes, doze, nose, throes, posts, bows, glows, throws, beaus, toasts, slows, hoes, goes, ghosts, gross, tows, hosts, coasts, crows, most, froze, dose, blows;
  2. engross, repose, oppose, disclose, dispose, impose, compose, forgoes, depose, enclose, expose, bestows, transpose, arose, morose, propose, foreclose, suppose;
  3. interpose, adios, juxtapose, decompose, grandiose, presuppose, diagnose;
  4. misdiagnose, overexpose, superimpose;

Quotes for Close:

  1. Our foreign policy needs to support our energy, economic, defense and domestic policies. It all falls within the arch of national interest. There will be windows of opportunity, but they will open and close quickly. Chuck Hagel.
  2. I close my eyes when I sing so I can feel the song better. Mahalia Jackson.
  3. When you're average, you're just as close to the bottom as you are the top. Alfred North Whitehead.

Idioms of Close:

  1. close at hand;
  2. Close only counts in horseshoes;
  3. close to;

Adjectives for Close:

  • disastrous,
  • victorious,
  • violent,
  • damn,
  • sovereign,
  • gloomy,
  • sacred,
  • british,
  • perfect,
  • white,
  • absolutely indescribable and incomparable,
  • absolutely indescribable,
  • white coloured,
  • incomparable,
  • triumphant,
  • coloured,
  • crowning,
  • democratic,
  • full,
  • extreme,
  • complimentary.