What is another word for canary islands?

Pronunciation: [kənˈe͡əɹi ˈa͡ɪləndz] (IPA)

The Canary Islands are a group of seven Spanish islands located off the north-west coast of Africa. There are several synonyms for the Canary Islands including the Islas Canarias in Spanish, the Fortunate Isles, the Canaries, and the Canarian Archipelago. The name 'Fortunate Isles' comes from the ancient belief that the islands were blessed with good weather and fertile soil. The word 'Canarian' is often used to describe anything related to the islands, such as the Canarian cuisine or the Canarian flora and fauna. The Canaries are also commonly referred to as a popular tourist destination with sunny beaches and volcanic landscapes.

Synonyms for Canary islands:

What are the hypernyms for Canary islands?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    archipelago, rocky island, Autonomous community of Spain, mountainous island, sought-after tourist destination.

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