What is another word for capped macaque?

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[ kˈapt mˈakak], [ kˈapt mˈakak], [ k_ˈa_p_t m_ˈa_k_a_k]

The capped macaque, also known as the Tanuki monkey or Bonnet macaque, is a native monkey species found in South Asia. These primates often have brown or grey fur with a distinctive cap of darker hair on their heads, which gives them their name. Other synonyms for the capped macaque include the brown macaque, bonnet monkey, and crowned monkey. These monkeys are highly social and often found in groups, displaying complex social hierarchies and communication. They are also known for their intelligence and adaptability, thriving in a range of habitats from rural farms to urban areas. The capped macaque is a fascinating and important part of South Asian biodiversity.

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