What is another word for carrion flower?

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Carrion flower, also known as corpse flower or stinking flower, is a type of plant that produces an odor similar to that of rotting flesh. Its scientific name is Rafflesia arnoldii, which is named after Sir Stamford Raffles, a British colonial administrator in Indonesia who discovered the plant in the early 19th century. Other synonyms for carrion flower include stinkhorn, which refers to a group of fungi that emit a similar smell, and Amorphophallus titanum, also known as the titan arum or corpse plant, which is a relative of the carrion flower and produces a similar odor. While the smell of carrion flowers may be unpleasant to humans, it helps to attract insects that pollinate the plant.

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    Carrion flower, formally known as Monotropa uniflora, is a flowering plant found mainly in the American Southwest, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Carrion flower is in the family Apocynaceae and is the only species in the genus Monotropa. Carrion flower grows from a small bulbous root system. The small, pale-green leaves are densely covered with long white hairs. The flowers are nodding and white, with five petals, and are bell-shaped. Carrion flower blooms in the spring and has lemon-scented flowers.

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