What is another word for case-by-case?

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When it comes to assessing situations, professionals and analysts may use different terminologies to express the idea of identifying and resolving problems on a situation-specific basis. Some of the synonyms for case-by-case may include individualistic, situation-based, contextual, personalized, customized, tailored, unique, distinct, and specific. These adjectives indicate that every case is different from the other and requires a customized approach to resolve the underlying issues. Although the term case-by-case is widely used to describe a systematic approach for handling situations, incorporating other synonyms can add depth and clarity to the meaning, which can help individuals have a better understanding of the context.

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    How to use "Case-by-case" in context?

    approach to healthcare

    A case-by-case approach to healthcare can lead to more favorable care for patients. This method of care varies depending on the individual and the ailment being treated. Patients are typically consulted with one on one, without the influence of a large group or institutional system. This allows for more tailored and individualized treatments. Physicians who follow a case-by-case approach often have a better understanding of their patients' histories and may be better equipped to evaluate potential solutions. While this method of care can be more time-consuming, it can lead to better outcomes for patients.

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