What is another word for Chanced?

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[ t͡ʃˈanst], [ t‍ʃˈanst], [ tʃ_ˈa_n_s_t]

The word "chanced" is often used to describe something that occurs by luck or fortune. Synonyms for this word include "happened," "occurred," "took place," "transpired," "befell," and "materialized." Other similar words or phrases can include "came about," "arose," "developed," "resulted," and "came into existence." In addition, words like "fluke," "coincidence," and "luck" can be used to describe the element of chance in a situation. Whether describing a casual encounter or a more significant event, there are numerous ways to capture the essence of "chanced" and its associated concepts.

How to use "Chanced" in context?

The film, Chanced, revolves around the relationships of three people. The story is told from the perspective of Marek, a Czech surfer who has lost his way. Marek met the two main characters, Lee and Vishni, while they were camping in Thailand. Vishni is an American musician, and Lee is Marek`s former business partner. After Marek`s disappearance and the unexpected death of Vishni, Lee begins to unravel the mystery of Marek`s disappearance and the secrets that these three friends kept from him.

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