What is another word for effort?

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The word 'effort' refers to the exertion of physical or mental energy towards the attainment of a goal. Some synonyms for effort include endeavor, attempt, exertion, undertaking, struggle, labor, toil, application, and enterprise. 'Endeavor' refers to a concerted effort to achieve something. 'Exertion' is the physical or mental energy exerted in order to accomplish something. The term 'undertaking' refers to a task or project that requires significant effort. 'Struggle' suggests exertion that is fraught with difficulty or opposition, whereas 'labor' suggests exertion that is guided by conscientious effort. Synonyms for 'effort' vary, but they all refer to the exertion of energy in the pursuit of a desired outcome.

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    In the world of work and business, the act of putting in hard work is often credited for success. effort is a key ingredient in any successful endeavor, and it is what separates the average person from the extraordinary.

    Effort is determined by two factors: how much a person wants something, and how much energy and focus that person applies to achieving that goal. To be great at something, you need to put in the effort.

    Much like anything else in life, effort can be learned or it can be innate.

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