What is another word for cold's foot?

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[ kˈə͡ʊldz fˈʊt], [ kˈə‍ʊldz fˈʊt], [ k_ˈəʊ_l_d_z f_ˈʊ_t]

" Cold's foot" is a seldom-used term that refers to a numbness or tingling sensation in the feet. Other synonyms for this condition include "frostbite," "chilblains," "pernio," and "Raynaud's phenomenon." These terms all describe a similar condition that occurs when the body's extremities are exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period. Symptoms of cold's foot may include redness, swelling, or a burning sensation in the feet. Treatment typically involves warming the affected area and avoiding prolonged exposure to cold weather. In severe cases, medical attention may be necessary to prevent tissue damage or infection.

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