What is another word for galaxy?

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Galaxy is a term commonly used to refer to a massive system of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity. However, there are plenty of alternative words that can be used to describe these astronomical marvels. One such synonym is "cosmos," which refers to the entire universe and all of its components. Another synonym is "star system," which specifically focuses on the collection of stars and other celestial bodies in a particular area. The term "cluster" also refers to a group of galaxies that are held together by gravitational forces. Other synonyms include "nebula," which refers to a cloud of gas and dust that often form new stars, and "Milky Way," which is the name of the galaxy in which our solar system resides.

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      cosmos, universe, multiverse, supercluster, stellar system.

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    Galaxy is a vast system containing stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. It is a term used to describe the Milky Way, which consists of billions of stars, and is our home galaxy. However, there are many antonyms for the word galaxy which can be used to describe other aspects of the universe. Some of these antonyms include chaos, disorder, disarray, and confusion. These words refer to the opposite of a galaxy, which is a state of disorganization and lack of structure. These antonyms can be used to describe the universe beyond our galaxy or even our world, which may not follow the same order as our galaxy.

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    A handful of men can't take over half a galaxy.
    "The Instant of Now"
    Irving E. Cox, Jr.
    If the Vininese scientists had discovered the Beam-reaction first they would have conquered the galaxy.
    "The Instant of Now"
    Irving E. Cox, Jr.
    Let's put it differently and say we would have used the Beam to bring peace to the galaxy instead of splitting it in two as it is now.
    "The Instant of Now"
    Irving E. Cox, Jr.

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