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Limb is a term that identifies parts of the body that allow movement, such as arms and legs. However, there are many synonyms for the word "limb" that can add variety to writing or speech. Some of these include appendage, extremity, branch, arm, leg, fin, flipper, finger, paw, and hoof. While some of these synonyms are more specific, such as hoof, others are more general, such as appendage. Synonyms for the word "limb" can also be used in a creative or poetic writing context to describe things in natural landscapes or in science fiction. For example, a tree can have branches described as limbs or an alien could have multiple appendages instead of just arms and legs.

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    Limb refers to a body part other than the head and torso. Limbs may include arms, legs, hands, etc. Each of these limbs has unique functions and capabilities.

    There are many different types of limbs, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, arms are excellent for moving objects and lifting weights, but they are limited in range and cannot do tasks requiring precision or fine motor skills. Conversely, legs can provide tremendous power when sprinting or jumping, but they are not as good at moving large objects or lifting heavy weights.

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