What is another word for cumin seed?

Pronunciation: [kjˈuːmɪn sˈiːd] (IPA)

Cumin seed is a popular spice used in various types of cuisine around the world. Some of the synonyms for cumin seed include jeera, zeera, Comino, and Kreuzkümmel. Jeera and zeera are Indian and Pakistani words for cumin, respectively. Comino is the Spanish word for cumin, and it is often used in Mexican cuisine. Kreuzkümmel is the German word for cumin and is used in European and Middle Eastern cuisine. These various names for cumin seed highlight the spice's widespread usage and popularity in diverse cultural dishes. Regardless of the name, cumin seed adds a distinct flavor and aroma to any dish it is used in.

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Famous quotes with Cumin seed

  • She also had bright yellow hair, which she washed once a week with a mixture of saffron, box shavings, wood ash, barley straw, madder, cumin seed, and one thing and another to bring out the hidden glints and restore its natural color. You left it on your head for twenty-four hours and washed it off with lye made from cabbage stalks, the only hazard of which was the second-degree burn. If your hair remained on the scalp, you were a blonde.
    Will Cuppy

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