What is another word for desmodontidae?

Pronunciation: [dɪsmˈɒdəntˌɪdiː] (IPA)

Desmodontidae is a relatively obscure word that refers to a family of bats more commonly known as vampire bats. There are a few related words that can be used in place of desmodontidae, such as Desmodus, which is the genus name of the common vampire bat, and Phyllostomidae, which is the broader family of New World leaf-nosed bats that includes the vampire bats. Another word that could be used to describe these bats is hematophagous, which means blood-feeding. This term highlights one of the key traits that sets vampire bats apart from other bats- their unusual feeding behavior. Despite their somewhat spooky reputation, vampire bats are fascinating animals that play an important ecological role.

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