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Disk cache is an essential component of modern computer systems that helps to improve their performance by storing frequently accessed data in a faster, temporary storage device. Some common synonyms for disk cache include buffer, memory cache, RAM cache, and disk buffer. Each of these terms refers to a form of temporary storage that is used to speed up the retrieval of frequently accessed data. Other related terms include page cache, file cache, and web cache, which are all forms of caching that are used to improve the performance of specific applications or processes. Despite their differences, all of these terms are used to describe the same fundamental concept of caching data for faster access.

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Disk caching is a mechanism used by computers to improve the performance of their primary storage by localizing the read and write operations to specific physical disks. By caching data on a spinning hard drive, the computer can read from or write to data stored on the cache device much more quickly than it can access data on the primary storage device.

Disk caching is most effective when the data being cached is infrequently access because the added latency caused by seeking to the correct physical disk can negate the performance increase from caching. In theory, every time a computer needs to read or write data, the disk controller explores its entire hard drive.

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