What is another word for disk?

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Disk is a term commonly used in computing for various storage options like floppy disks, hard disks, and optical disks. However, if you're writing about computer technology, you might want to avoid repetition by adding some synonyms for the word 'disk'. You can consider using words like plate, platter, circular plate, or rotating disk. Another frequently used alternative is a 'drive' when the term is used in the context of storing files. Other options for 'disk' could be coaster, roundel, puck, or saucer. The use of these words can help you vary your writing and make the presentation more interesting.

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    Synonyms for Disk:

    How to use "Disk" in context?

    1. disk - a device that stores data on a physical medium

    2. disk drive - a component that allows a computer to access data stored on a disk

    3. hard disk drive - a more advanced type of disk drive that uses a magnetic stripe to store data

    4. optical disk drive - a type of disk drive that uses laser light to read and write data

    5. solid state drive - a type of disk drive that uses solid state memory to store data

    6. floppy disk - a type of disk drive that uses a floppy disk drive to read and write data

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