What is another word for diving board?

Pronunciation: [dˈa͡ɪvɪŋ bˈɔːd] (IPA)

A diving board is a popular feature in many swimming pools, providing an elevated platform from which swimmers can jump and dive into the water. There are several synonyms for the term "diving board," including springboard, diving platform, diving tower, and high board. These terms may be used interchangeably to describe the raised platform used in competitive diving or as a recreational feature in backyard swimming pools. No matter what term is used, the diving board remains a beloved and exciting addition to any aquatic environment, offering a thrilling opportunity for swimmers to show off their skills and have fun in the water.

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Famous quotes with Diving board

  • There were a lot of people living in his time who never did latch on to the idea that the curve of technological progress was not a flat slanting line like a diving board, but a geometrical curve like a ski-jump. These wistful and mixed-up souls were always suffering from attacks of belated conservatism, clutching suddenly at this dying thing and that, trying to keep it or bring it back. It wasn’t real conservatism at all, of course, but an unthought longing for the dear old days when one could predict what would be there tomorrow, if not next week. Unable to get the big picture, they welcomed the conveniences, the miniaturization of this and the speed of that, and then were angrily confused when their support of these things changed their world.
    Theodore Sturgeon

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