What is another word for length?

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[ lˈɛŋθ], [ lˈɛŋθ], [ l_ˈɛ_ŋ_θ]

Synonyms for Length:

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What are the hypernyms for Length?

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What are the opposite words for length?

Length, a term to describe the size or extent of something, can have many antonyms. The opposite of length can be shortness, which implies a lack of length or brevity. Width and breadth can be antonyms to length as they describe measurements of different dimensions. Height, depth, and thickness can also be considered antonyms for length as they refer to other aspects of an object's dimensions. Shortness and limitedness can also be antonyms for length, highlighting the absence of a full or complete measurement. Extravagance and excess might also be antonyms for length, experiencing and measuring more than necessary.

What are the antonyms for Length?

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