What is another word for edward douglas white jr.?

Pronunciation: [ˈɛdwəd dˈʌɡləz wˈa͡ɪt d͡ʒˌe͡ɪˈɑː] (IPA)

Edward Douglas White Jr. was a prominent figure in American history, serving as the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1910 to 1921. Some synonyms for him could include "jurist," "legal scholar," "lawyer," and "judicial leader." White is also known for his contributions to the fields of constitutional law and civil rights, making him an "advocate" and "champion" for justice and equality. Additionally, White was an important statesman, having served as a United States Senator from Louisiana prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court, so he could also be referred to as a "politician" or "public figure".

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