What is another word for jurist?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈʊ͡əɹɪst] (IPA)

Jurist is a term that refers to a legal scholar or expert of law. If you want to broaden your vocabulary and find alternative words for jurist, then there are several synonyms that you can use. Some of the most commonly used synonyms for jurist include legal expert, legal scholar, judge, lawyer, legal authority, legal pundit, legal philosopher, legal academic, and legal thinker. All of these terms refer to individuals who have extensive knowledge and expertise in law. By using these synonyms, you can add variety to your writing and convey your message with precision and clarity.

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Usage examples for Jurist

The eminent merchant, the learned jurist, the respectable planter, the dashing young fellow, the officer of the army, all congregate before the St. Charles, the best house in the world!
"Eight days in New Orleans in February, 1847"
Albert James Pickett
Lord John also quoted from "that eminent jurist Vattel" the following words: "When a people from good reasons take up arms against an oppressor, it is but an act of justice and generosity to assist brave men in the defence of their liberties."
MacCarthy, Desmond
His father, a university professor and distinguished jurist, had died young, not long after the death of his mother, at his birth.
"The Song of Songs"
Hermann Sudermann

Famous quotes with Jurist

  • There is much to be said for having an experienced international jurist who is entirely unconnected with the allied invaders, on the tribunal.
    Saddam Hussein
  • The inquiries of the jurist are in truth prosecuted much as inquiry in physic and physiology was prosecuted before observation had taken the place of assumption.
    Henry James Sumner Maine
  • But what sin is to the moralist and crime to the jurist so to the scientific man is ignorance.
    Frederick Soddy
  • Until now science has not sought to investigate this passive animal magnetism (by no means an isolated phenomenon), although the doctor, the anthropologist and physiologist, the jurist, the psychologist, and the moralist could cultivate an entirely new field. In fact they have made not the slightest effort to investigate its nature: rather (misled by poorly understood Bible passages and by laws based on such Bible passages—laws whose moral value stands on the same level as those against witchcraft and heresy in the Middle Ages) they have believed they should ignore or disdain it with hatred and scorn, examples of which are in scientific books.
    Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
  • I saw men go up and down, In the country and the town, With this tablet on their neck,— 'Judgement and a judge we seek.' Not to monarchs they repair, Nor to learned jurist's chair; But they hurry to their peers, To their kinsfolk and their dears; Louder than with speech they pray,— 'What am I? companion, say.'
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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