What is another word for public servant?

Pronunciation: [pˈʌblɪk sˈɜːvənt] (IPA)

Public servant is a term used to describe individuals who work for the government and serve the public. These professionals may be known by various other terms, depending on the context. Some synonyms for public servant include civil servant, government employee, bureaucrat, official, and administrator. These individuals hold various roles and responsibilities in the government, ranging from clerical work to higher-level decision-making. Ultimately, public servants work to uphold the laws and policies of their governing bodies, while also striving to serve the needs of the general public. Despite their different titles and positions, all public servants share a common goal: to work towards the betterment of society as a whole.

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Famous quotes with Public servant

  • The public character of every public servant is legitimate subject of discussion, and his fitness or unfitness for office may be fairly canvassed by any person.
    Charles Babbage
  • I believe if a private citizen is able to affect public opinion in a constructive way he doesn't have to be an elected public servant to perform a public service.
    Warren Beatty
  • The national will is the supreme law of the Republic, and on all subjects within the limits of his constitutional powers should be faithfully obeyed by the public servant.
    Martin Van Buren
  • Today America lost a great elder statesman, a committed public servant, and leader of the Senate. And today I lost a treasured friend. Ted Kennedy was an iconic, larger than life United States senator whose influence cannot be overstated. Many have come before, and many will come after, but Ted Kennedy's name will always be remembered as someone who lived and breathed the United States Senate and the work completed within its chamber.
    Orrin Hatch
  • If there's anything a public servant hates to do it's something for the public.
    Kin Hubbard

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