What is another word for electric resistance?

Pronunciation: [ɪlˈɛktɹɪk ɹɪsˈɪstəns] (IPA)

Electric resistance refers to the ability of electrical circuits or devices to resist the flow of electric current. In scientific literature, electric resistance is also referred to as electrical impedance, electrical resistance, or simply resistance. These terms are synonymous with electric resistance and are interchangeable. Additionally, other terms such as resistivity, conductance, and conductivity are closely related to electric resistance and are used to describe its properties. These terms describe the ability of a material to conduct electric current and can be used to calculate the amount of electric resistance in a given device or circuit. Overall, electric resistance synonyms describe similar concepts and can be used interchangeably in scientific literature.

Synonyms for Electric resistance:

What are the hypernyms for Electric resistance?

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