What is another word for electronic highway?

Pronunciation: [ˌɛlɪktɹˈɒnɪk hˈa͡ɪwe͡ɪ] (IPA)

The term "electronic highway" refers to the network of communication channels that allow people to share information quickly and efficiently across vast distances. Synonyms for this concept include "digital superhighway," "cyber pathway," and "information highway." Additionally, terms like "virtual network," "online infrastructure," and "web-based interconnectedness" can also be used to describe the same idea. The ever-expanding realm of technology and the internet has made these terms increasingly relevant in our daily lives. With the ability to connect and share information instantly becoming more important than ever in our globalized society, it is likely that these terms will remain essential to our vernacular moving forward.

What are the hypernyms for Electronic highway?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    infrastructure, Telecommunication Network, information highway, communication network, interstate system, transport network, Data Communication Network.

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