What is another word for cyberspace?

Pronunciation: [sˈa͡ɪbəspˌe͡ɪs] (IPA)

Cyberspace is a term that is often used to describe the digital world in which we live. However, there are many other words that can be used as synonyms for cyberspace. One common term that is used is "digital realm." This term emphasizes the fact that the online world is separate from the physical world we inhabit. Other synonyms for cyberspace include "virtual world" and "online universe." These terms are similar to digital realm in that they emphasize the virtual nature of the online world. Another word that can be used as a synonym for cyberspace is the "information superhighway." This term is often used to describe the vast amount of information that is available on the internet.

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Cyberspace is a term that refers to the virtual world of the internet. However, there are some antonyms that refer to the physical world. One of the antonyms for cyberspace is the physical world or real world. This suggests that cyberspace is not tangible or real, unlike the physical world which we can see, touch and feel. Another antonym is offline or disconnected, which means not connected to the internet or not in cyberspace. Also, the antonym analog refers to non-digital devices or systems that are not connected to the internet or cyberspace. Lastly, concrete or material refer to physical things or objects that exist in the real world, as opposed to the digital or virtual nature of cyberspace.

Usage examples for Cyberspace

We'll go exploring in cyberspace.
Thomas Hoover
Chapter 10 Monday, April 6 12:57 P.M. Stone Aimes was floating through cyberspace, through the massive data pages of the National Institutes of Health.
Thomas Hoover
He had made the acquaintance in cyberspace of Claude Ogier, a knowledgeable gold bug from Quebec who issued a constant stream of communications about the latest mining developments.
"Joe Burke's Last Stand"
John Moncure Wetterau

Famous quotes with Cyberspace

  • When I get back from this book tour, I'm planning to learn the internet. Maybe I can hook up in cyberspace.
    Armistead Maupin
  • This is just the beginning, the beginning of understanding that cyberspace has no limits, no boundaries.
    Nicholas Negroponte
  • I used to think that cyberspace was fifty years away. What I thought was fifty years away, was only ten years away. And what I thought was ten years away... it was already here. I just wasn't aware of it yet.
    Bruce Sterling
  • The cyberspace earnings I get from Linux come in the format of having a Network of people that know me and trust me, and that I can depend on in return.
    Linus Torvalds
  • I also wanted Parker to operate in the Internet age without losing being Parker. He's always operated in the world without really being with the world, and cyberspace means that the rest of us are more and more living the same way.
    Donald E. Westlake

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