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The word "web" has several synonyms that describe different aspects of its meaning. One common synonym is "net," which emphasizes the idea of interconnectedness and complexity. Another synonym is "mesh," which indicates a closely-woven structure that is difficult to untangle. "Weave" is another option, implying a deliberate and intentional process of creating a complex pattern. "Network" is also a common synonym, emphasizing the idea of multiple connections and nodes working together to form a larger system. Finally, "spiderweb" is a more specific synonym that refers to a particular type of web created by spiders, and may evoke different connotations than the more general "web".

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Web design is an artistic process that converts content, authored in a markup language, into a viewable format accessible by computers and mobile devices. The result is intended to be pleasant to the user's eyes, organized logically and easy to navigate, while incorporating functionality required to support the site's content.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, content was delivered to users as static pages written in a variety of text-based markup languages. With the advent of browser-based design and the introduction of AJAX in the 2000s, web developers began incorporating dynamic features into their sites.

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