What is another word for emergency room?

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[ ɪmˈɜːd͡ʒənsi ɹˈuːm], [ ɪmˈɜːd‍ʒənsi ɹˈuːm], [ ɪ_m_ˈɜː_dʒ_ə_n_s_i ɹ_ˈuː_m]

In English, the term "emergency room" refers to a medical facility that provides care to patients with acute medical needs. However, there are many synonyms for this term that can be used depending on context and location. In some places, the emergency room may be referred to as a "trauma center" or "critical care unit." In other areas, it may be called an "urgent care clinic" or "emergency department." Other synonyms include "accident and emergency" or simply "emergency." No matter what term is used, these facilities are essential for providing prompt and effective medical care in times of crisis.

What are the hypernyms for Emergency room?

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What are the hyponyms for Emergency room?

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