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The word "unit" can be replaced by several synonyms, including "module," "component," "fragment," "piece," and "segment." Other synonyms that convey similar meanings are "entity," "system," "element," "portion," and "particular." In the military, the term "troop" and "squad" are often used instead of the word unit. The concept of "unit" is also prevalent in mathematics and science, where the synonym "quantity" is often used. In the business world, "division," "department," and "sector" are synonyms of the word "unit." In summary, the term "unit" has many synonyms that can be used to convey the same meaning in various contexts.

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Unit is a fundamental physical quantity in the modernquantum mechanics. It is the fundamental physical quantity which delineates the amount of substance or energy in a system. The SI unit of measure for unit is the joule.

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