What is another word for Enunciator?

Pronunciation: [ɪnˈʌnsɪˌe͡ɪtə] (IPA)

Enunciator is a noun that refers to someone who announces or proclaims something. Synonyms for this word include speaker, announcer, commentator, spokesperson, voiceover, narrator, presenter, orator, reciter, and elocutionist. Each synonym provides a slightly different connotation and could be used in specific contexts, such as a spokesperson for a company or a voiceover artist for a commercial. Ultimately, all of these synonyms indicate that the person is speaking with authority and clarity, making them an excellent source of information or entertainment for their audience. Therefore, whether you call them an enunciator, announcer, or narrator, their words are sure to grab your attention.

Synonyms for Enunciator:

What are the hypernyms for Enunciator?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Enunciator

Another brilliant Enunciator, seeker, and servant of Truth, the Rev.
"Pulpit and Press"
Mary Baker Eddy
"That the former proposition should have gained general acceptance is not surprising-indeed, at first sight, appearances are much in its favour; but, as for the second, one can only admire the surpassing courage of its Enunciator, seeing that it is an innovation which is not only opposed to generally and justly accepted doctrines, but which is directly negatived by the testimony of all original enquirers who have specially investigated the matter; and that it has neither been, nor can be, supported by a single anatomical preparation.
"Thomas Henry Huxley; A Sketch Of His Life And Work"
P. Chalmers Mitchell
In the pride of heroism and prestige, he was becoming an oracular Enunciator of commonplaces from the lips of his superiors.
"The Last Shot"
Frederick Palmer

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